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1. This is a fly fishing tournament only. All fish must be caught on artificial flies using fly tackle. NO SCENTED FLIES. Any teams caught cheating will immediately be expelled from competition and will forfeit their eligibility to compete in future Mile High 25 tournaments. 


2.  Two person teams. Teams must stay together on the same body of water. 

3. Teams will attempt to catch-video-release the 25 eligible species in the allotted time frame. Angling will only be permitted from Saturday 6 AM – 8 PM and Sunday 6 AM- 3 PM. Each day an extra hour will be allotted after tournament angling is over (8pm-9pm SAT & 3pm-4pm SUN) for teams to submit their final catches of the day to the application. Videos must be submitted for each fish caught, no exceptions. No blurred or modified backgrounds. 


4.  Tournament judges are looking for proper fish identification and sustainable fish handling with all video clip submissions. Videos received after 9 PM Saturday or after 4 PM Sunday will not be counted. NO SUBMISSIONS outside the 1 hour grace period!!!!!! 


5. Teams must have a clear video clip of each fish with control item in picture in order to count. Video clips submitted without control item will not be counted. Videos of fish that cannot be identified by one of the three judges as an approved species will not be counted as a "catch."


6. The greatest number of points, calculated by points per species caught wins the tournament. Total number of species caught will only apply to the scoring system in the event of a tie in number of points scored 2 or more teams.  


7. Safe & sustainable handling of fish must be practiced at all times! This is a catch and release tournament so all fish must be released back to the water. Any videos of fish in the dirt, on land, hanging from tippet, or improperly handled will not be counted. When in doubt have your partner film the fish in the net before he or she captures the safe release of the fish.


8. Teams can fish anywhere in Colorado in publicly accessed water only. NO TRESPASSING & NO PRIVATE WATER. NO EXCEPTIONS! WE WILL BE WATCHING.  

9. JUDGES HAVE FINAL RULING ON ALL VIDEO CLIP SUBMISSIONS. Fish should be large enough to be identified by the judges panel. If a fish cannot be properly identified it will not count as an approved submission.  

10. The post tournament "weigh-in" will take place at a decided upon location! 

11. Use of boats and other watercraft is allowed. Ensure that you are following all Colorado Parks & Wildlife rules regarding life preservers, watercraft etiquette, angling and water access.  

12. All teams must abide by all Colorado Parks and Wildlife fishing regulations! Be sure your fishing license is current and you are only using 3 hooks at a time.

13. In the event that the total number of species caught between one or more teams is equal, the tiebreaker protocol is as follows:


  • The point values assigned to each fish species will be tallied as the first means of determining the winner. The team with the highest total point value accumulated will win the tie-break. 

  • If the point values tallied are equal, i.e. 2 or more teams have the same number of species and same total sum of points then....

  • In the event that the total number of species caught & the point values associated with each fish does not determine a winner, the final tiebreaker will be determined by the timestamp of the highest scoring fish scored. The team who submits the highest valued fish from their mix of species first will be declared the winner. This is determined by the timestamp of the video clip. If the timestamps of the highest scoring fish submitted is identical, then we will declare a tie.  

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